European Removals

There’s no more to moving to Europe than moving just around the corner.

MOVE-IT has established a van-line, which operates fixed services between the Scandinavian capitals and London every week. Our van-line enables us to offer more competitive pricing in international moves. Although our van-line is obviously based on the fact that several consignments can come with the same group of vehicles, our logistical systems and vehicle packing methods ensure that the effects reach their destination safely.

We also undertake prioritised removals from any place whatsoever to another. By prioritised removal we mean that the removal property comes by one vehicle which is dedicated to the order and which takes the property directly to its destination.

We also operate services to other European destinations such as Eastern Europe, France, Austria, etc. with our own staff and vehicles. The fact that the destination lies outside the fixed route network just means that the orders are undertaken on an ad hoc basis. Either as a prioritised removal or in combination with our van-line.