Moving private furniture and other effects obviously requires insurance, and in principle all transport operations with MOVE-IT are insured with basic cover. It is however possible, and in some cases a good idea, to obtain extra cover with a supplementary policy.

The customer himself decides on the level of basic cover.

In addition to the basic insurance the following other options are available:

Total loss. This is a cheap form of insurance, which only provides cover, if everything goes missing or there is a total loss on arrival at the destination.

All Risks – with the normal reservation for force majeure. This policy is considerably more expensive and offers more extensive cover.

Move-it’s liability is otherwise regulated under a number of international conventions and the national legislation in the area.

Although we strive to do our best at all times, moving always involves risks. If the removal property contains particularly valuable items we recommend customers to look at the options for taking out supplementary insurance. We always recommend our established partner in cooperation, Tryg. But the customer is welcome to opt for any other insurance company.

When taking out transport insurance you will be asked to quote replacement values for all household effects and valuation forms can be obtained from MOVE-IT for this purpose.

We offer our customers supplementary insurance in connection with international removals at a competitive price.

For commercial consignments (Hi-tech equipment/ new goods) we operate under the General Conditions of the Nordic Association of Freight Forwarders, 2000.