Your removal starts with a questionnaire

You start the removal process by completing a removal questionnaire. Our experience enables us to tell straight away whether we need to inspect the property to be moved beforehand, or whether we can give a quote over the telephone. We can give you a quote very quickly. In some cases we need no more than an hour from receiving a call or an email before being able to send you a quote.

In some cases a removal assignment is so complicated that we are unable to quote a price immediately. In such a case we have to come out and view the property. For removals from Denmark we will come out and inspect the effects ourselves. If the removal is from a foreign location coming home – we will send one of our partners. The responsibility for carrying out the order however always remains with us and is managed from Denmark.

Move-it’s own staff are not just responsible for inspecting the effects before a removal in Denmark. We can also come and inspect consignments for removal ourselves along the route of our European van line.

Our customers always get a speedy response. The quote will be issued after any inspection and may be ready within just 24 hours for national consignment operations and 48 hours for consignments abroad.

Once all the formalities have been completed comes the removal itself. In some cases our customers like to take responsibility for their own packing. We do recommend, however that packing is left to our own specially trained staff. In certain cases there is a requirement for the packing to be done professionally. In our experience most customers choose to leave the packing to Move-it

The transport operation may be conducted as a prioritised removal (vehicle and staff totally dedicated to the specific assignment) or completely or partly via our van-line (where the removal effects are sent in a group service with other consignments). In some cases the removal will be taken via our depot in Denmark, for example if the customer has decided to store part of the household contents, or if special circumstances should make it advisable, such as packing of special goods, transit storage etc.

In removals between Scandinavian countries and countries covered by our van-line, the effects for removal will be picked up and delivered by our own staff. For transport farther afield the assignment will always be handled by certified and approved partners.

We can quote a price based on the customers doing the unpacking themselves. We can also offer customers assistance with this part of the process, so that in practice the customer only needs to be on hand to decide where we are to put all the various items in the home.