Use our blue fleet of air-suspension vehicles running up and down Europe’s overland routes – for a cost-effective move.

MOVE-IT was one of the first to develop a regular network of removal vans. Now known as the MOVE-IT van line.

Every single week the vehicles set off at fixed times on the journey north to destinations such as Gothenburg, Oslo and Stockholm and south to Berlin, Hamburg, Brussels, Amsterdam and London. Our depot in Copenhagen is the nerve centre of this network.

The savings in using MOVE-IT’s van-line lies in the concept of group consignments – but remember group consignments enjoy the same security and quality as prioritised removals.

Thanks to MOVE-IT’s advanced logistical system, we can pick up and deliver consignments safely over the entire length of our van-line’s fixed service network.

For the customer the only difference compared with a prioritised removal is that the cost of driving a vehicle several thousand kilometres over land, across bridges and through different payment systems, is shared with many others. Van-Line simply stands for far more cost effective removals.

Even if a moving consignment has to be picked up a good way outside our fixed route or delivered to a place outside our route network, a cost-effective removal can still be achieved by using our Van-Line.

Depending on the job, the place of departure and the destination we may be able to devise a different solution. We can collect and deliver consignments along our route network. We can send out a smaller van to pick up the consignment, which will then be transferred at a connection with our network. Or we can make arrangements with one or more of our many trusted and certified partners in cooperation for a consignment to be picked up or delivered at a specifically agreed transfer point.

Our Van-Line is also linked to scheduled connections for transport to and from overseas destinations. Removal property which has to travel by sea or air to reach distant parts of the world, can thus also be carried cost-effectively by using our Van-Line to and from the port of shipment.

If you use our Van-Line we can offer a number of other services. We can offer transit storage at our burglar-proof depots in a temperature and humidity-controlled environment. And we can offer long-term storage of small or large parts of a removal load in connection with a job relocation.